Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kayi Halwa(Coconut Burfi)

1/2 coconut shreded
1 cup sugar
½ lt milk
½ tsp Cardamom/clove powder or pinch kesar
10 Badams grated
1 tbsp ghee

  • Grind the coconut in a mixer grinder add milk if needed. 
  • In a kadai pour the rest milk and bring to boil. Add coconut paste and Sugar. 
  • Start stirring on a low flame.It takes time. 
  • When the mixture is getting thick add cardamom powder. 
  • Finally the mixture will be thik enough.leaves the sides of the kadai. Remove from the flame. 
  • Take a plate and put the ghee and spread it properly.Transfer the mixture to the plate and spread eveny with ghee applied spoon. 
  • Keep it to sttle down. Then cut it into square or dimond shape and serve. 

  • Grate the coconut.keep aside. 
  • Now in a heavy bottomed kadayi fry (only for 3-4 mins)the grated cocnut with a tsp of ghee and Kesar or clove or cardomom powder. 
  • If u have kept grated badam you can add it now. 
  • Now add the sugar to the coconut and the milk. 
  • Keep stirring as it takes a while to thicken the paste. 
  • Once its done the edges will come out by itself. 
  • Now transfer the mixture to a greased plate and refrigerate it for settling. 
  • After an hour or two take a butter knife and cut them into square or diamond shape and refrigerate it again for couple of hours. 
  • Serve chilled as desert to any meals.

    Friday, November 13, 2009

    Sambhar Powder 1

    2 tsp Coriander seeds
    ½ tsp sesame seeds
    1 tsp Jeera
    2-4 Red chillies
    1 tsp Oil
    ½ tsp mustard seeds ( mainly for sambhar)

    • Roast all above ingredients and make nice powder. 
    • Use while preparing Sambhar or Saaru

    Green chilli chutney

    1/2 cup grated tender Coconut
    1 tsp lime juice / Tamerind
    1cup Coriander leaves (Optional)
    2 Green Chillies
    1 tsp sesame
    Salt to taste

    • Cut the chillies into small pieces. 
    • Fry this with sesame till sesame splutters. 
    • Now mix together the grated coconut, green chillies, sesame seeds (and the chopped coriander leaves)and tamarind. 
    • Grind it all ina mixer ( add little water if required).Now add salt to the paste and pour itin a bowl. 
    • Put the lime juice into it and mix properly.( Only if tamarind is not added in previous step). 
    • Thus the green chutney isready.This chutney can be eaten with sandwiches or pakodas or anything spicy.


      Maida 1 cup
      Grated coconut 1/2 cup
      Jaggary 1/2 cup
      Sesame 1/4 cup
      Cardomom 1
      Oil to deep fry
      Ghee 3 tsp
      salt to taste

      • Mix the grated cocnut and jaggery and fry in a pan. 
      • when all jaggery is melted and mixed with coconut add seame and cardomom to it. keep aside. 
      • Now In a big bowl take the maida , ghee mix it well so no lumps should be there. Then add salt to tase and water to make the dough.It should not be too hard or too soft. 
      • Then make small balls from the dough and roll it to small pappad size. 
      • Take small amount of coconut mixtuer and put on the chapati and lock it from all the side. 
      • Now deep fry them in Oil and serve.

        Monday, November 2, 2009

        Aloo Sandige

        1 kg Aloo
        Salt to taste
        Chilly powder if you wish.

        • Wash the Potatoes make thin slices. 
        • Boil the water. add salt and chilli powder. 
        • Now add all the slices in the water. Keep it for some time. 
        • Remove a slice and check it is soft. if your nail easily cuts the slice then it is done. 
        • Remove all the water and spread the potato slices on a cloth each seperately and dry in hot sun. 
        • Store when crispy dried. Use low flame for deep frying while needed.

          kumbalakai sandige(Ash gaurd)

          1 cup Urad daal
          250 gr ash guard
          4- 6 green chillis
          1 cup puffed rice ( mandakki/ pori)
          salt to taste

          • Soak the urad daal for 2-3 hours.Grind the urad daal with chillis and salt to a fine paste. 
          • Peel the skin and grate the ash guard.Mix this to paste without adding water to ash guard itself will contain sufficient water. 
          • The mixture will be watery. so add the puffed rice to adjust thickness of the mixture. 
          • Keep it overnight 
          • In the morning as shown in photo dry in the hot sunlight. 
          • After 3-4 days dried store in a container and use deep fried when required.