Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bhindi Fry

1/2 kg Baby bhindis
1 onion finally chopped
1 cup basen
1/2 tsp jeera
1 1/2 tsp jeera powder
1 tsp coriender powder
1 tsp garam masala
1 tsp chaat masala/ Amchur
1- 2 tsp chilli powder ( as per ur taste) or Chilli paste
Salt to taste
1/2 cup oil.

  • Wash pat dry bhidis. Slit them in between (other side should be joined)remove the contes if possible.keep aside. 
  • In a bowl add all the ingredients except onoions ,oil and jeera. Mix well do not add water.( if the bhindi contents are reomoved add to the mixture. 
  • Remaining mixture add water make it thin and keep aside. 
  • Fill all the bhindis carefully not too much as this needs to be deep fried. 
  • Now heat 3/4th of the oil and deep fry the bhinids carefully.Make sure that stuffing is not coming out. 
  • Once done. add jeera to the remaining oil. 
  • when it starts splutter add onions. Fry it till golden brown. 
  • Now add the masala mixture. Bring it to boil. check the thickness of the gravy. it should not be too thin as it needs to get coated on bhindis. 
  • Now add the deep fried bhindis into gravy. strill very slowly so that the gravy coat comes on bhindis. cook for 5 more mins. turn off the heat. 
  • Serve with Rotis.

    Shai Toast

    8-10 slices Bread
    1/2 ltr Milk OR 200ml condensed milk
    Vanilla or pista or Kesar badam flavor.
    1/4 cup roasted dry fruits
    1/4 cup -3/4 cup Sugar thick syrup(Adjust according to ur taste)
    Toaster or Tawa

    • Boil normal milk to its half or take condensed milk and add the flavour, and sugar syrup (According to ur sweet ).Refrigerate it for settling. 
    • Once the milk is cooled enough, Make the Toasts from toaster or dry roast the Bread on Tawa. u can cut them into ur choice of shape. 
    • Now take a plate keep the toast and pour the milk little by little so that Toast can absorb.Toast should not be dissolved. 
    • Arrage in a platter Garnish with the dry fruits and refrigerate it once again. 
    • While serving check if the toast is bit dry then add 2 tsp of milk syrup on the toast and serve as dessert. 
    Recipe given by:Brother in law.

    Thursday, August 19, 2010

    kadale maddi (Hayagreeva)

    1 cup channa dal
    3/4- 1 cup grated jaggery
    1/4 tsp cardemom powder
    1/3 cup grated coconut
    1/2 a pinch salt

    • Pressure cook the dal for 4-6 wistles with more water.(if necessary soak the dal 1/2 hour before preperation).Dal should be very soft.drain the water.keep aside. 
    • Heat the heavy bottomed kadayi put the dal,grated coconut,salt(it should be very minte quantity as jaggery some times contain salty taste a bit),jaggery,cardemom powder. 
    • The mixture will be very liquid initially. keet stirring to avoid burning from bottom. 
    • When the mixture is thick enopugh,taste for the sweetnes. if more sweet needed add more jageery and heat it again. 
    • Or remove from the flame. 
    • While serving, on top of maddi pour 1 tsp Ghee and serve.

      Tuesday, August 17, 2010

      Aloo Paratha

      2cups-Wheet flour
      4-5 Potatos medium sized
      Coriender leaves (optional)
      1tsp-Red chilli powder
      1 tsp -Garam masala
      1 tsp-Amchur powder
      Ajwain optional
      salt to taste
      Ghee/oil for cooking.

      • Boil the Potatoes till soft. peel the skin and mash it in a bowl. 
      • Add all the masala powders ,salt to taste,chopped coriender leaves,andajwain.mix well. keep aside. 
      • Take a wheet flour in a big bowl add pich of salt,2 tsp ghee or oil and make the soft dough. 
      • Take atennis ball sized dough rol in about 3-4 inch wide. 
      • Take lemon size potato mixture keep in middle of rolled paratha cover it with all the edges. 
      • Dip in dry wheet flour and roll it about 7-9 inches wide. with out spilling the stuffing out. 
      • Now cook the paratha on hot tawa.wit happlying ghee on both side. 
      • Serve hot with mango pickle or Curd. Yummmmiiiiieeeeeeeeee........

        Khara Kozhumbu (Spicy Brinjal curry)

        4small round shaped-Brinjal
        1- onion chopped
        2- tomatoes chopped
        3 -green chillies(slit)
        1/4th cup- Coconut milk
        Soaked tamarind/ tamarind paste little
        2-3 Bay leaves
        3-4 tspRed chilli powder
        1 1/2 tsp Ginger garlic paste
        1-2 tsp Sambhar powder
        Salt to taste

        • Cut the brinjals from the bottom .Dont cut stem,stem side it should be attached.(If small brinjal is not available then cut big brinjal into lengthwise pieces). 
        • Heat the oil and deep fry the brinjals. keep aside. 
        • Heat a 2-3 tbsp oil in heavy bottomed pan.Add bay leaves and Musterd. 
        • When musterd stop spluttering,add green chillis and onions.cook till onions gets tender. 
        • Now add the chopped tomatos and garlic paste.cook till tomatos are fully mashed by adding water in between. 
        • Now add brinjals to the gravy.cook for 3-5 mins. now add around 2 cups of water so that gravy should be formed,red chilli powder,sambhar powder and tamerind. Cook for another 5 mins or till chilli powder goes off. 
        • Finally add coconut milk.cook aroung 5-7 mins according to the thickness ofthe gravy. turn off the flame. 
        • Serve hot with Rice.

          Monday, August 16, 2010

          Hara Saag

          2 cups-Green leaves cleaned and chopped (mixture of Sarson/Bathuva/Palak/Chulai(Harive soppu/Amranath leaves))
          1-Onion finally chopped
          1-tomato finally chopped
          1 tsp- green chiolli paste
          1/3 cup Basen (Gram flour)
          1/2tsp -jeera
          A pinch hing
          1/2 tsp -haldi
          1/2 tsp red chilli powder
          1 tsp coriender powder
          salt to taste
          1 tsp ginger garlic paste ( Optional)
          ghee or Oil for seasoning.

          • Put the chopped green leaves,chilli paste,ginger garlic paste in a preassure cooker for 3 whistles. 
          • When the cooker cool down ,drain the water and keep aside. 
          • Mash the cooked leaves in a vessel and add the gram flour and mix well. 
          • Heat the kadayi add the Oil/ ghee.Add Jeera and hing. 
          • Now add the chopped oniond saute till golden bron color. and add tomoto,haldi. 
          • Addd a little of vegitable stock and cook the tomato till it becomes a paste. 
          • Now add coriender powder,chilli powder and salt to the mixture 
          • Finally add the mashed green leaves to the kadayi mix well add the rest vegitable stock or adjust the thickness with water. 
          • Cokk for next 5-10 mins and serve hot with Rotis or Rice.